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Whether you are purchasing a new computer or your computer has been repaired, we highly recommend that one of our technicians deliver it to your home and set it up.  This gives us the opportunity to set up your printer and other peripherals, check out your connection to the Internet, and, if you have a network, make sure it is functioning properly.  We can also answer any questions you may have about applications we've installed for you and the location of your data.

We recognize that, after you begin to use your computer, you may have questions or notice problems that appear to be related to the service we did on your computer.  We ask that, within the first 7 days after your computer is delivered, you thoroughly check out everything you normally do on your computer.  This includes printing, scanning, sending and receiving email, and testing any crucial web functions you use such as online banking or investing.  Make sure all the software you provided us with is installed and functioning.

If you find problems during this seven day interval, please give us a call.  If the problem was an error or omission on our part we will fix it free of charge.  If the problem was not related to the work we did, we offer a half price service call during this seven day period to come to your home or office and resolve the problem.  After the seven days have passed, any further service calls will be billed at full price.

Waiver of Delivery

We also recognize that many of you feel comfortable setting up your own computer and installing drivers, hooking up peripherals, and troubleshooting networks.  If that is the case, we certainly do not insist we deliver your machine. 

Before you pick up your computer, we will be happy to set it up in the shop, so you can take a look at it and verify that it is working properly.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, because we want you to be a happy customer.  Once you have looked it over, we may ask you to sign a waiver of delivery, stating that the computer is fixed and that you accept full responsibility for setting it up, installing drivers, and connecting to the Internet.

Store Returns

If you purchase merchandise from the store and it should be defective within the warranty period, or has not been opened, we will be happy to replace it or refund your money.  If you return something that is working properly, and the packaging has been opened, we will take it back and issue you a store credit for the amount of the purchase.

One exception to this rule is consumables, including ink cartridges, toner, and printers.  If you have opened any of these items, used them, and they are in working order we cannot take them back or refund your money.

Purchase Ink Cartridges

If you purchase a new printer and have ink cartridges that you have not used from your old printer, we cannot purchase them from you. 

Licensed Software

If we need to restore the operating system in order to repair your computer, all your software will need to be reinstalled. Since a lot of software is licensed to your computer (ie, you activated it at the time of install), you will need to provide us with original software discs and product keys so that we can reinstall it properly.